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3/10: Victims of the experiment In...
Monday, September 14, 2020

Victims of the experiment In the year 2044, the Earth is a dying planet. Isaac Havelock (Johnny Sachon ) wakes up in a small space capsule with Alana Skill (Lottie Tolhurst). As his memory returns, we discover that he is a criminal and part of a deep space experiment. The mother docking ship has exploded and they are stranded in space. Being criminals, their rescue is less important to ground control than themselves. Outside of a few flashbacks, the film is two people in a small capsule discussing societal values, human values, and how much air do we have left. The film was too low budget to make the concept viewable.Guide: No sex or nudity. Don't recall any swearing.

5/10: A Poor Man's "Gravity...
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

A Poor Man's "Gravity (2013)" After quarrels with the US over Suez, Britain played no manned role in the Space Race, making the first Briton in Space a female Cosmonaut. So, no coffee-capsule George Clooney and Sandra Bullock - but two unknown British actors, playing 2040's Space Convicts in their own scaled-down version of Gravity. Accepting the narrowed parameters, including the "need" for females with no physique to demonstrate exceptional strength (Oh no - not again!) this flick was not too bad. It fostered, suspense, concern about the fate of the 2 crew and disgust at the double-dealing of those back on Earth. Were it a school production it'd merit applause.

5/10: Generally boring, silly premise, good...
Friday, November 6, 2020

Generally boring, silly premise, good music and visuals. Ok for an Indie film The premise is incredibly flawed in that humans are launched into space to dock with a space station, but the launch vehicle is a box, with two beds, plants, windows, and extremely spacious for a space vehicle (no bathroom?). That's not how a trip of a few hours would work. I'm pretty sure they'd make a passenger type vehicle and pack the humans into it. The pacing was not well done, and so as many state, it is boring. The music is surprisingly good and the visuals are strong which were positive as I've seen big budget films that look back and sound worse.

3/10: The story premise is ok...
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The story premise is ok, just very poorly executed. Avoid Luke Armstrong is a VFX artist for 10+ years and somehow got a shot at writing and directing. I'm going to guess this is going to be a one and done.The future of prisons is here, in space. That's about it. Some flashbacks try to explain the characters but don't really. A little bit of tension but not much. Then one of them makes a decision, and..... the movie ends. No Joke.An extremely horrific ending. On par with the Sopranos Finale. If you're into a sudden stoppage that will leave you wondering that "anything is possible" then this movie is for you.

2/10: Not completely terrible, but yeah...
Friday, September 4, 2020

Not completely terrible, but yeah, it kinda is As others have stated, aside from the visual effects, this movie is total crap, so, the rating I gave it is very generous. What's 'is name is barely adequate as the confused dork, but the female lead wasn't believable as a woman in the slightest because she can't act and she's typical Brit chick fug. Unfortunate. Just keep looking for something good to watch on movie night because you ain't gonna find it here. This gobbledygook will only anger your significant other and provide them with the grounds to begin divorce proceedings they've been looking for.

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