Joe Bell (2021)


9/10: A performance full of corn shines and ends in a field of wheat
Sunday, August 29, 2021

I like Wahlberg and think he's grown considerably as an actor. I've been around to see that happen a time or ten. He isn't a virtuoso but this was a deeply felt performance and probably the best of his career to date, which is no small thing since he was never less then very competent. And it was nice to see Gary Sinese, older and very without any apparent makeup, in such a non abstracted role."Life imitates art", thank you Mr. Wilde, also a gay man.Apparently, this is basically a true and fairly unembellished account. The mythic meeting of father and dead son has been covered many times, I just flashed on Jacob's Ladder. Sometimes the souls meet in a meadow or a stairway, I can almost hear Jimmy Page and Robert Plant as I type.So the art portion of this cautionary tale is packed with a lot of derivatives, most taken from...

6/10: Very Flawed Execution, But The General Premise Is On The Right Track
Saturday, October 2, 2021

If looking at the general reviews/ratings of "Joe Bell", one could be forgiven for thinking it is a train-wreck. It isn't remotely that bad. No classic, to be sure, but the subject matter and characters all "mean well", so to speak. The main culprit here is casting and overall script execution.For a very basic overview, "Joe Bell" tells the story of its titular character (played by Mark Wahlberg), who is walking across the United States to spread an anti-bullying message in the wake of his gay son Jadin's (Reid Miller) death caused by school bullying. Along the way, he is haunted (or is it blessed?) by a vision of Jadin, guiding his path of self-discovery.I'll start with the biggest problem that prevents this film from being much above average: It is based on a true story, and the end-credits photos of the real Bell family are largely more emotional than...

4/10: Dumb Bell
Friday, August 20, 2021

There must be something about the story of the real Joe Bell that somehow didn't make the final cut. Because on the strength of the movie alone, Joe is a pretty poor excuse for a hero. And why anyone thought his story added up to an important and uplifting parable about bullying remains a mystery. Sure, the guy is understandably grief-stricken about his gay son's suicide, and he goes to somewhat extraordinary lengths to atone for his own guilt. That said, his insensitivity and disregard of the boy's feelings seems to have contributed to if not actually triggered the suicide. Then he takes off on his walk of atonement, leaving a grief-stricken (and apparently alcoholic) wife and a surviving son also in need of a father. It's selfish, to say the least, And nothing about any of the speeches Joe makes or the encounters he has along the way suggest he's much of...

1/10: Another worst biopic! Full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Not recommended
Thursday, October 28, 2021

This film start with a man "Joe" walking on the road, and his son "Jadin" talking with him scene! As turnout, this film is about Joe decide to take a walk to New York City, after the death of his gay son "Jadin" cause by bullying! Entire film full of boring conversation, and annoying overuse scene! Such as, overuse of the walking scene, overuse of the driving scene, overuse if the staring scene, overuse of the flashbacks scene, overuse of the drinking scene, overuse of the yelling scene, overuse of the singing scene, overuse of the crying scene, overuse of the song playing at the background scene, overuse of the smoking scene, overuse of the long angle scenery scene, overuse of the arguing scene, overuse of the video playing at the background scene, overuse of the calling names scene, and overuse of the talking on the phone scene! Make the film unwatchable! At the end, Joe killed by a car...

4/10: A dead film about an important topic
Tuesday, August 17, 2021

This could have been a good film, it was certainly a good story and an important story, it just felt like the direction was mishandled. I felt like Wahlberg over played his role, and he is a good actor typically. Maybe all those silly blockbusters are dulling his edge.I felt like for the most part the character was very unlikable and it was very hard to be sympathetic to a central character who didn't have much in the way of redeeming qualities.Also, the mom was not well played. Almost a deadbeat mom. Rather vapid. Alot of missed opportunities.It is obviously an important topic, it just wasn't handled well and I lacked any emotional impact and just fell flat. It was not meant to be an easy watch, but it was a movie that ended without any sense of the fulfillment. It should have had great impact, and it didn't

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