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Kung Fu Yoga (2017)


**When two different ancient arts...
Friday, January 8, 2021

**When two different ancient arts meet.** This is not some film. The project was decided when two leaders of the respective nation met a couple of years ago. More like it is China's move to mend the relationship with India. So except Indian cast participation and a few Indian locations, this is completely 'made in China' and for the Chinese market. Like always any Chinese product, this is not a quality product. Just an another 'The Myth' from the same director. Team up between India and China is a rare thing in filmdom, so I was curious about that. It should have been a star studded cast, but from the Chinese side, it does, not on the Indian side. The worst screenplay award goes for Mr. Tong. Literally, it is a retelling story of those great treasure hunt adventure films we had seen so far in our life. Even Jackie Chan could not save it. His presence failed to...

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