The Green Knight (2021)


6/10: A kinda fantastic journey - think green
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Green Knight" is a new movie in fact that just hit cinemas here and it is a co-production between Ireland, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and with this quartet nobody can really be surprised that it from beginning to end in the English language, even if thick accents are very frequent here. But let's take a look at the basics first: The writer and director is American filmmaker David Lowery, who has really received many accolades and awards now over the years and he launched his career as an editor, so it should not really surprise anybody that he also worked as an editor on this film here and on many other not too long ago, even if he has progressed to being the man in charge of the entire project as well. The title character is played by Dev Patel, who had his breakthrough with Slumdog Millionaire over a decade ago now, a...

5/10: If you need to fall asleep, watch this
Saturday, July 31, 2021

I'll start by saying that visually, this movie is stunning and it has some moments of great acting. That's about the extent of the positives. As an avid fan of A24, I was very excited for The Green Knight and tried to go into it with as open a mind as possible. I wasn't expecting a horror or action movie. I went in simply expecting to be told a story. I anticipated that it would be on the slower side, but wow. I feel so guilty for saying this seeing as so many people loved the film, but it was way too boring for me to enjoy. I have loved the slow-burn approach that A24 has taken with other movies like The Witch and The Lighthouse, but The Green Knight just didn't have enough substance to keep me engaged in what was going on. Every time something significant seemed to happen, it would be followed...

7/10: Good & Strange
Friday, July 30, 2021

I saw "The Green Knight", starring Dev Patel-Chappie, The Last Airbender; Alicia Vikander-Tomb Raider_2018, Jason Bourne; Joel Edgerton-Red Sparrow, The Thing_2011 and Sean Harris-the Mission:Impossible movies, Prometheus.This is a medieval Knights of the Round Table type story that is good & strange. It's good, as far as the costumes and visuals go, but some elements of the story are a little strange. Dev plays Sir Gawain, a want_to_be Knight but he drinks and parties too much. Sean plays his uncle, King Arthur, and wants to groom him to be the next King. Alicia plays Dev's girlfriend. The Green Knight is part man and part plant-hence the name-and he shows up at the Round Table with a challenge: Any Knight can strike him with the fiercest blow that they can muster, but one year later, the Knight must travel to the Green Knight's castle where he will...

9/10: This tale's punchline and/or main event seems to come from
Tuesday, August 3, 2021

a story first heard by my grandpa and his young cohorts around a bonfire at Camp Mischa Luca near Fairview during the summer of 1968. In the yarn that appears to have inspired THE GREEN KNIGHT, a beautiful new girl suddenly pops up at school. She always wears the same elaborate scarlet ribbon around her neck. Speaking of which, this mysterious newbie is shockingly willing to go far beyond the limits of the long-time young female denizens of grandpa's neighborhood during make-out sessions. However, she has one hard and fast rule: Guys could do as they pleased in adjusting or removing her other garments, but the wanton new wench insisted that they NEVER touch the scarlet ribbon around her neck! For a few blissful weeks, things sailed along on an even keel, with some of the guys doing a lot more than merely "copping a feel." However, one foul night Pothead Peter was puffing on another joint...

2/10: Absolutely meaningless
Friday, July 30, 2021

I'm stunned at all the high praise. I'm a movie lover and when I read so many raving reviews, I went right out and watched this movie. I can say with no doubt in my mind, it was not what the trailers and reviews lead you to believe. I created an account to write this review. It is not exciting. There is no meaning behind anything. Every event is unexplained and tedious to watch. What was the point of any action taken by the mother, the hunter, and several others? It just is and no one cares. It is so loosely threaded and unbearably slow paced. I felt truly anxious for sitting through hours of mostly just the sound of walking or breathing. I kept waiting for something to happen. Something to explain motives. Something to tie it together because that's what stories do. This movie is not much of a story. It is riding in the...

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