Everybody's Talking About Jamie (2021)


7/10: Everybody's talking about Jamie
Sunday, October 3, 2021

2021 12A director: Jonathan Butterell starring: Max Harwood, Lauren Patel, Sarah Lancashire, Shobna Gulati, Richard E Grant, Sharon Horgan, Samuel Bottomley, Ralph Ineson etcJamie New is a 16-year-old who doesn't quite fit in. Instead of pursuing a traditional career, he dreams of becoming a drag queen. Uncertain about his future, Jamie knows one thing for sure, he's going to be a sensation. Supported by his loving mother and amazing friends, Jamie overcomes discrimination and bullying to step out of the darkness and into the spotlight. I really enjoyed this film, but for me it didn't reach its full potential.My first few positives would be the charming opening. Likeable characters, with great cinematography and soundtrack. As well as great representation and performances. I think the film had a charming opening that set the tone for the film well. It set up the grounded day to day storyworld, with the extravagant and Confident Jamie, and it...

2/10: Tired old cliche that misses the beat by 20 years
Sunday, September 19, 2021

It should be good but it isn't. People will want to love this film and ultimately that's what will carry it. I tried to work out why this film is so flat, hollow that is strangely emotionless. The story and sentiment is 20 years out of date. It is problematic on many levels. I wonder who this film is for? It is more a cheap Billy Elliot knock off than a fabulous film of identity and dreams.Jamie the character just isn't very likeable. Rather than being a battle for dreams and identity, the character and attitude is fully formed from the very beginning and it instead comes across a self-centred and selfish. Jamie's character doesn't blossom over the duration of the film, he is already there as a full power drag queen. His amateur debut show would give a RuPaul All Stars contestant a run for their money. Coming 'out' as a drag...

6/10: A colourful film with underlying serious issues explored
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Film whose origins lie on the stage and before that a true life TV documentary about a County Durham, northern UK lad called Jamie.I had some connection with the film having grown up in Sheffield, Northern England on the sprawling Parson Cross 'estate' where lots of this film was made.The stage origins probably meant it would feature several musical numbers which aren't predominantly my forte in film viewing.It features several subjects that affect the LGBTQ community, mainly acceptance and bullying which can be quite emotional at times especially when the primary character Jamie New is rejected by his father.Where another Sheffield based film, The Full Monty (1997) is primarily comedic throughout some parts of this are more of a social commentary I found. There ARE comedic scenes don't get me wrong however there are more serious aspects of the screenplay such as the history of AIDS in the 1980s that are touched upon.The...

7/10: Flamboyant
Saturday, September 25, 2021

Everybody's Talking About Jamie is a movie that starts in quite an absorbing and flamboyant way. The presentation that the film throws right in front of us feels soothing and compelling. The performance delivered by all the actors has quite a kick into it and it allows us to connect nicely with them from start to end. Director Jonathan Butterell not only has become successful to make a good presentation but also in making a nice machinery where all the cogs spins in a perfect harmony. Talking about the story, it has few bumps and also its something that we can predict from time to time but even with that it doesn't disappoint us while delivering elements of surprise and fun. Screenplay and editing seems alright and good enough for this film. Overall it's a movie that you would like to check out on your day off, not just once but more than once

9/10: Bright and Funny Feelgood Musical
Monday, August 23, 2021

This is a bright and colourful British musical based on the successful stage show which was itself based on a BBC documentary . A great film to entice all ages back into the cinema . There is nothing like sharing comedy and song and dance routines with a large audience !This film also tells a great story and carries a positive message . Some of the songs are weak but there are a couple of standouts especially He's my boy and surprisingly there are many laugh out loud moments. The two young leads ( Max Harwood and Lauren Patel )give stellar performances and there is exceptional support from Sarah Lancashire , Richard E Grant and the scene stealing Shobna Gulati. Confidently directed by Jonathan Backerell this is a feelgood movie of the highest order

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