pig (2021)


10/10: Some very important things you may have missed (Spoilers below
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

I feel a few people here have really taken this movie completely at face value and come away thinking it is a boring movie about a dude trying to get his pig back. Let me try and share a few of the really outstanding storytelling bits I noticed upon initial viewing.Firstly, I think the whole reason Robin (Nic Cage) is actually so devastated about the pig is that he never properly dealt with the trauma of losing his wife. He stops playing that tape at the beginning as soon as you hear her voice because he doesn't want to deal with the memories it will bring back up. Throughout the quest to get his pig back he finally starts to properly grieve for his wife and get closure with old friends and acquaintances. When he says "because I love her" in response to Amir's "why are we doing all this" he was talking about both his wife...

7/10: You Know You Are In For A Ride
Sunday, July 18, 2021

I saw "Pig", starring Nicholas Cage-Snowden, the Ghost Rider movies; Alex Wolff-the Jumanji movies, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and Adam Arkin-Rebel_tv, How to Get Away With Murder_tv.This is a Nicholas Cage movie-so you know you are in for a ride-where he plays a truffle supplier. He has a truffle hunting pig and lives out in the Oregon wilderness-by himself, of course-and sells his truffles to Alex, who stops by every so often, and turns around and sells them to restaurants in Portland. One night, some people break into Nick's house and steals his pig. From there, he has to get his pig back, and before we go any further, this is not a John Wick action flick. Nick does have one fight scene but it is to get information on the whereabouts of his pig. He does have a few scenes where he does his wigging out...

7/10: Interesting and entertaining search for more than just a pig
Wednesday, October 6, 2021

We have waited quite a log time for this, but finally we have a film from Nicolas Cage ("Rob") into which he appears to have put some effort - and it works. He lives in the wilderness with his truffle hunting pig. Remote and isolated, his only contact with the outside world is when he meets his dealer "Amir" (Alex Wolff) who swaps the fungi for essential supplies. When his pig goes missing, "Rob" proves determined and inventive as he tries to track down its whereabouts. As the sub-plots develop, we discover there is substantially more to the character than that of just a porcine detective, and as the relationship between himself and the younger man develops, we learn more about what drove this man to seek his life of solitude. At times poignant, violent, pathetic and entertaining this film is a good showcase for an actor going back to basics - quite literally, and the handsome Wolff proves a decent...

6/10: Great setup, but fell a little short
Saturday, September 4, 2021

The setup to this film has Nicolas Cage playing a broken soul living in the woods outside Portland with his truffle-hunting pig. After the pig is stolen in the night, he goes on a mission to find him, and we gradually come to understand his backstory. While I loved the premise, I'm not sure I ever completely bought into the shadowy world of gourmet food sourcing that Cage's character traipses through using his connections from 15 years before. The bizarre subterranean fight/punishment scene he endures didn't help with that. At its best, he points out deep truths to other characters, like the devastation the next earthquake will bring, or how a chef isn't cooking the pub food he's passionate about, but instead pretentious fare for the upper crust. Unfortunately, the film itself gets a little ponderous and pretentious as it plays out in an unlikely way. At its core there something touching about...

9/10: Hello, ending explainer here
Sunday, July 18, 2021

massive spoilers ahead) I think a lot of you are misunderstanding the point of the movie as a whole... I'm seeing a lot of reviews complaining that the "story went nowhere" or that it was "entertaining, but nothing happened."Yes, the beginning of the story is about a broken man looking for his lost truffle pig, but the actual progression of the story is through Robin Feld's emotions. This isnt a movie about healing, this is a movie about breaking your barriers and *beginning* to heal. Anyone notice how at the beginning of the movie he couldnt listen to the tape his wife made him, but at the end he sat and listened to the whole thing?To be clearer... the pig was, metaphorically, Lorelai Feld. Robin had attached the idea of his wife to an animal so that he could convince himself Lorrie was never really gone. And that's the beauty of this film - his outbursts...

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