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3/10: Apparently the best alien weapon is to rely on human incompetence
Friday, August 20, 2021

When all is said and done, RISEN is ultimately an invaders from space movie. It is not the best rendition of this genre that I've seen, but it's certainly a reasonably competent execution.Unlike the INDEPENDENCE DAY style of invasion consisting of overwhelming force, advanced technology and well armed alien invaders, RISEN is the "seeding" approach that starts small and vulnerable and grows to irresistibility before we earthlings figure out what's going on.At the time of this writing there appear to be a lot of negative reviews regarding RISEN. I would contend that RISEN is a "good" movie (whatever that means) that garners a lot of viewer negativity because the success of the aliens in taking over our planet primarily derives from the efforts of a human traitor inadvertently supported by a generally widespread incompetence on the part of those authorities that would nominally be tasked with protecting humankind from such things.There are undeniably some...

4/10: Unfortunately the bad reviews have it correct
Friday, October 29, 2021

The CGI was some of the worst I have ever seen. But I was able to look past it because that has nothing to do with the writing or acting. But...the writing ended up taking a left hand turn and the acting from the lead actress was just...bad. There's really no other word for it.The movie begins with the interesting premise of a meteorite striking a small town and killing everyone it comes into contact with. A scientific team is assembled to investigate and this is where the movie should take off, but it doesn't. For a silly reason some of the dead citizens are brought back to life but don't do anything for the entire movie. Then two-thirds of the way into the movie they take one of them to the site where the meteor strike occurred and a large plant has grown there (horrible graphics show this) Then the once dead...

4/10: An average short story stretched into a movie
Sunday, August 22, 2021

A meteor lands and emits a toxic cloud that kills over 300 residents in a nearby town. A few dozen of the corpses reanimate into a frozen, zombie like state.An disgraced and troubled exobiologist is called in by the Army to help investigate. They move one of the reanimated corpses to the meteor crash site. He comes alive and channels the thoughts of an alien who warns that his race is coming to take over the Earth.Sounds promising, right?This is a painfully slow and uneventful movie. I gave it a 4 only because of the few action scenes. The lead actress runs the gamut of emotions from depressed to dull and depressed.Do you know in horror movies when the teenage kids make bad decisions while running from the serial killer? This movie has about 45 minutes of that feeling.Unconvincing, implausible actions by the main characters and a bummer ending made me regret watching this movie

2/10: Disappointing
Monday, November 1, 2021

It clearly wants to be of the same caliber as Cloverfield or Arrival. And it could have been a good Lovecraftian horror if the script had stayed in the incubator a little longer. But the last 20 minutes devolved into a bad powerpoint presentation of self-help psychology and lost the protagonist in a muddle of montage and heavy-handed narration.Apparently when you appoint yourself writer, director and editor you're unlikely to take constructive criticism to improve the storytelling. This needed to get some air outside of the writer's room before it went into production. It would have prevented the movie's sharp downturn in act 3 when it starts beating you over the head with a theme that the movie isn't even about

4/10: Descent, not great has / had potential
Friday, August 20, 2021

Story overall is good but it could have done with a rewrite to make it great. Slow in places and should have been about 30min. Shorter to tighten things up. Acting and dialogue leaves a lot to be desired. Sort of a take on a Zombie flick but altered. Definitely an Alien film. Overall I didn't get a great feel for this movie, the potential was there but it just fell flat. It did pose an interesting question though ---If an average Joe like you and me contacted Aliens and told them to come visit would we be charged with a crime if things do not go as expected. Sorta gets cheesier as the movie progresses and feels like a "Lifetime" movie so it gets a generous 4.9

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