Vivo (2021)


7/10: Great Family Film
Tuesday, August 17, 2021

I really enjoyed this film, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did. It has a touching storyline. It deals with the topics of grief and loss, but not in a downer way. Like the culture that inspired this story, the film is very colorful and lively despite these serious subjects that it's presenting to children. My personal favorite thing about this film is how the long lost lovers of the film resemble Cuban legends Celia Cruz and Pedro Knight - a real life couple who made music history together in Cuba and Miami (really the whole world).I loved the opening scenes in Cuba, the animation was lovely. I really liked the settings in this film, they were very nicely rendered and I liked the bright/bold color scheme chosen because it perfectly highlights the liveliness of the two cities the film takes place in. I wasn't a fan of the character design though...

8/10: A Treat For The Heart & Soul
Saturday, August 7, 2021

The movie started great and flowed beautifully to a crescendo. It was essentially a celebration of Cuban music that I am sure Pixar would have been jealous they didn't get to first. Though "Vivo" had several similar elements from the 2016 "Sing" animation musical, it still relied on its own unique cultural flavours and settings to impart a special message through the power of song.Lin-Manuel Miranda's touch prevailed throughout the film, which is primarily about a primate named Vivo, whom Lin-Manuel voiced. The primate in question is a rainforest kinkajou (or 'honey bear', as it's colloquially known).Zoe Saldana's Rosa and Ynairaly Simo's Gabi were equally entertaining. The leader of the Sand Dollar Scouts, voiced by Katie Lowes, was amazing - she was supposedly the 'bad girl' early in this movie, but her heart was in the right place regarding the protection of the environment and its species.Michael Rooker's Lutador (the...

7/10: As colorful as a rainbow
Saturday, August 7, 2021

Vivo is a movie that starts in a melodious way and fills our heart with a sparkling presentation. The elements in the movie flows in a perfect way like rainbow from start to finish. The peformance of the characters and the never ending songs one after another keeps you engage all the time. Director Kirk DeMicco has done a fine job putting a bucket of emotions filled with joy and sorrow on the screen. The film has a continuous suspense that works both as an advantage and disadvantage. Audience keeps sitted on their seat but also sometimes they just wanna skip to the end skipping everything in the middle. In the end the presentation delivers a feel good ending filled with many emotions. Overall Vivo is a movie you definitely wanna watch on your day off or on the weekend with your whole family. In terms of watching it's a movie you can surely watch more than once as...

9/10: You've done it again, Sony
Friday, August 6, 2021

Once again, Sony Pictures Animation and Netflix releases another film this year and that's Vivo. I watched it and I loved it so much, believe it or not but there are a ton of great musical numbers in this movie, they are all great to listen to. I really love the animation and the art style. Just looking at the character designs, especially Vivo, Gabi and the Sand Dollars, they are all adorable. I also love the story and the humor too. Just looking at the animation style makes you think that this movie looks like it came out of DreamWorks Animation or Blue Sky Studios (R. I. P Blue Sky Studios and screw you Disney) and of course, this movie has plenty of heart and likable characters. Vivo is undoubtedly one of the absolute best animated movies from Sony Pictures Animation and I believe that this movie will be part of the Oscars. I give Vivo a 9...

6/10: Jumbled
Saturday, October 2, 2021

This film is definitely not the sum of its parts. The emotional core of the story can't really be identified among its messy composition - is it the bond between Vivo and Andrés? The tension between Gabi and her "friends", or between her and her mother? The prior relationship between the singer and Andrés? The swamp animals? The new relationship between Vivo and Gabi? The plot bounced between these so much that none of them fulfilled their full potential, even if the individual moments were enjoyable to watch and punctuated with lively musical sequences (brash, but lively). Gabi is quite loud and seems like an annoying comedic relief sidekick elevated to the status of main character, which makes it much harder to watch. This ultimately felt like a series of talented skits barely stitched together. By the end, I was wondering "what was that really about

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