Blush (2021)


9/10: John Lasseter is back
Sunday, October 3, 2021

John Lasseter is back, in a co-production with Apple, the company with which they invented the genre at Pixar, and which would end up in the hands of Disney.Now we have a simple story here, with all the Lasseter brand: quality, excellent story, wonderful animation, memorable characters, with a real subtext, based on the life of one of its creators of course, and with excellent results.A true adversary for Disney Pixar has been born, now hand in hand with Apple again. We will see if time will give us a powerful company in Skydance, with John Lasseter

7/10: Execution is good but the story has some debatable aspects
Monday, October 4, 2021

Animations, colors and music are all good!However, and this will be nitpicking, but...What about the kids? Isn't it cruel and selfish to make kids under those circumstances? They are stuck on a tiny planet and might not meet anybody during their lifetimes. (Don't tell me it's an animation, I want the best for those kids :) and for the story.)And what about the ending; the guy already falls in love with someone else at first sight. Come on

7/10: A personal story
Saturday, October 2, 2021

A short parable, where someone meets their life-giving companion; however, not forever.It is touching; the imagery, animation and soundtrack are great.The end titles declare this short is devoted to a deceased person, and some animation of the movie title suggests the reason for the loss. This is why I perceived this story as a too personal love-letter encompassing a real-life (that happened) relationship in a symbolic way

10/10: Emotional rollercoaster filled with beauty
Saturday, October 2, 2021

Thank you for bringing this short animation to the world. I loved watching it, and I think you cry, or nearly cry due to it hitting a note somewhere in your life. It takes you to what you lost or what you want to hold on to, or even what you are thankful for or taking for granted.Excellent animation, story, characters, and music. I truly enjoyed the colour scheme and drawing style used

6/10: Beautiful but such a waste of Good characters
Saturday, October 2, 2021

They could have made this in a much better way, no doubt animation was beautiful, characters were really good, music was also good but no dialogues, not enough story and no comedy. I really thought they wasted the characters and the concept. I think this movie should have been atleast 20 minutes long with some fun dialogues. Surprisingly, a girl alien with no nose looked pretty nice

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