The Girl Who Got Away (2021)


8/10: Why the poor reviews? Watch it and judge yourself. Glad I didn't listen to the poor reviews
Wednesday, August 25, 2021

This is a suspense/thriller not horror. Everything IS eventually answered by the end. Yes "Christina" waa really the serial killers daughter Katie. Yes the retired sheriff Gerry IS Katie's father from his affair with Caulfield when she worked at the hospital. His subsequent rejection of her and their daughter is probably the impetus for the kidnappings and murders. When things began to be revealed in the 3rd act it is all pretty much explained right on screen. Caulfield did the murders except for the Asian man which Christina/Katie did herself. Caulfield ginsued up her first victims face and planted her clothes and hospital I.d. Bracelet on the body to throw off the cops. I have seen this referenced in other reviews but i havent found a reference to it in the film itself, and that is this:The "plot hole" was the supposed reason for the kidnappings of each additional girl as Katie wanting a sister...

4/10: dumb
Saturday, August 21, 2021

It's not horrible, but definitely not good. Maybe OK to kill time.No recognizable faces for me, yet the acting is very much on point.I really don't understand one thing though. Half an hour before the end we found out that the main character is actually not who viewer thinks she is, but instead she's the daughter of the serial killer and somewhat psycho herself. It's suggested even earlier, but she literally says her name's not Christina. In other words, even if you don't pay attention very closely, you should know at some point in the movie she's not who she says she is.Why is she still presented as the movie's protagonist until the very end then? As if nothing happened and I should still think she's Christina. And then at the very last second she says her name's actually Katie, is that supposed to be a twist...

7/10: Some did not watch or pay attn
Friday, August 27, 2021

NB for the person who said Jamie stood there while she dug up the Asian guy....uh, no. She dug up her childhood best friend. The sequence with flashbacks is literally on screen spelling it out.Also, stormrider's "review" clearly shows the level of input here. They only watched 5 minutes and couldn't even get that right. Put down your phones and concentrate.This movie is def a slow burn that sizzles. Not sure where people found it dull, since murders and twists keep happening throughout. ~pay attention~One thingbm I disliked was the poor audio. But overall it is a decently acted movie that will keep you guessing, with an opening scene that will hook you right in

8/10: Great psychological thriller
Sunday, August 22, 2021

I liked it, I was never bored.It was a slow burn and if you look away for a second you miss important things. But, I didn't think the budget was low, just because people aren't being decapitated on screen doesn't mean it's low budget it just adds to the mystery.To the person who said Jamie saw her with a dead body in front of him and didn't say anything - I don't think it was the guy from child services she bopped over the head. She was digging up the 6th kid that they were talking about, because it was a tiny little body and that's when he asked why she didn't tell him there was a 6th.Give it a watch, it's worth it

6/10: It's a slow burn psychological thriller, not really horror
Friday, August 20, 2021

This was an interesting one and done for me. You have to be patient as it is quite slow moving, but it does move and slowly reveal some twists and turns in the plot. If you want full on terror and horror, then you may not be so thrilled here. :( The acting was pretty good and the storyline was creepy, but they really didn't let us see what happen all those years to those girls, so that was left to your imagination. Which I found irritating.Overall, a decent slow burn mystery that people with patience and not here for a gore-fest will probably enjoy watching, at least once

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