South of Heaven (2021)


8/10: Good crime movie
Sunday, October 10, 2021

Major Spoilers below: Don't read unless you've seen the movie.Not a blow em' up action flick, but a nice, slow paced crime movie with pretty good acting and directing. Similar stories have been told before in past movies, but let's be honest and admit that nothing is truly original anymore so for what it is I give it a thumbs up.I liked the mutual respect between the main good guy and the main bad guy. Not sure why the good guy didn't tell the bad guy about the son getting hit by a car; guess it had to happen that way in order for the final hit to get ordered which lead to the big shootout at the end.My only question/confusion is HOW it ended. At first you see him reunite with his love, then it cuts to a scene with him apparently dead on the boat from his gun shot wounds...

Monday, October 11, 2021

Pretty good story but turns out the director/writer doesn't have what it takes to bring it to life. What happened tot he 500k that was supposed to be the cause of all the conflict? Obviously, our hero and his friend didn't take it, but the writers didn't deem it necessary to explain how the money disappeared. Then when Price's men came looking for Jimmy in Mexico and he had to run for miles to get back to his wife, I think it's very unlikely that anyone would walk such a far distance to get supplies, especially when he has a truck. I really loved Evangeline Lily here and the story was quite engaging, that is until the end when Jimmy, who according to his wife was not a criminal, picked up a gun and went into the bad guys lair to bump them off like some PG rated John Wick.And what is that...

2/10: Don't waste your time
Saturday, October 30, 2021

Aside from the trite and overused plot theme of a corrupt parole officer forcing an parolee into illegal activity, this movie didn't provide an answer for the reason everybody was killed. First, all Jimmy would've had to do is contact the FBI instead of acquiescing to his PO's demands...end of problem and he would've been a hero. Second, the ending was most unsatisfying. Tommy (if he lived) would be growing up without a Dad, and Annie would be spending her final days alone with no one to care for her since Jimmy had to go off on his quest. But the biggest flaw is that the plot never answered the question of what happened to the half-million dollars. Hello!!! - this was the reason all these people were killed! Watch at your own peril, but you'll be pretty dissatisfied when it's over

6/10: What Happened
Saturday, October 9, 2021

This movie started out great. It had A Simple Plan/Fargo kinda feel to it. Then right after the son gets kidnapped it goes completely downhill. There was a good 30 to 40 minutes where it felt like I was watching a totally different movie. And whatever happened to the missing 500k? It never gets explained. The mob boss has a conversation with Annie and apparently all is forgiven. Also what was up with that strange shot in the end. Who the hell was sitting on the boat in the middle of a lake? Was that supposed to be Jimmy hunched over dead? I didn't get it. When all said and done despite the second half it was a decent movie. Not something I'd watch again but worth checking out. 6 stars

4/10: Blood Oath
Monday, October 18, 2021

James Ray (Jason Sudeikis) is paroled from prison so he can spend time with his love Annie (Evangeline Lilly) who has terminal lung cancer. His parole officer (Shea Whigham) is not on the up and up and has James be his errand boy for his illegal activity. This quickly goes down hill, as in an avalanche of bad circumstances placing his and Annie's life at risk.The film becomes inane rather quickly. The acting was decent but the story didn't touch me.Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity

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