The Forever Purge (2021)


5/10: The Forever Purge
Friday, July 30, 2021

The series began with a home invasion movie, sequel Anarchy expanded the universe to see outside, Election Year continued the franchise, and prequel The First Purge saw how it all started, and then this fifth movie came along. Basically, married migrant couple Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera) illegally cross the border into Texas to escape from a Mexican drug cartel and build a new life. Eight years after Charlene Roan's presidential election, the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA) have regained control of the U. S. government. The annual Purge and its original rules have been re-instituted, and Racial supremacy and nativism have surged nationwide. Ten months later, Juan has found work as a farmhand on the Tucker family ranch while Adela is working near Austin. On the eve of the next annual Purge, Juan and Adela join a migrant community behind a walled sanctuary with armed security to protect them. As the Purge...

5/10: I don't like the Orange Baby either, but don't overdo it
Friday, July 23, 2021

The Purge is a dusk-to-dawn suspension of all laws, including murder, the idea being it allows society's antisocial elements to get rid of it all in one burst of violent anarchy once a year, the rest of the year being crime-free. Film 1 was a decent urban pranoia horror thriller. Film 2 was an entirely seperate story set during the purge. Film 3 had the pro-Purge political party (the NFFA) trying to kill the anti-Purge political figurehead, and film 4 was a prequel, setting up the first Purge trial run on Staten Island.Now comes film 5. After 2 presidential terms without the Purge, the NFFA is in power and has reinstated it. But, in the morning, after the all-clear has sounded, a large and organised group determines that the Purge will continue until the country has been purified. A small group of people try to cross the Mexican border to safety.The...

6/10: I liked it
Friday, July 30, 2021

Directed by Everardo Gout and written by series creator James DeMonaco, this is yet another example of "the last Purge" before they announce another sequel. That said, this series has gone from middling to decent to actual pretty good to middling all over again, so I was happy that this pushes the Purge in a new direction: once the killing starts, it won't stop. Sure, the series has gotten pretty heavy handed, but if the last few years have taught us anything, it's that the Purge is closer than ever before.These films always get laughed at for the way they handle social issues and then they make over $52.8 million worldwide over its $18 million budget.Eight years after Charlene Roan's presidential election -- The Purge: Election Year -- the New Founding Fathers of America have regained control of the U. S. government and have re-instituted the Purge. Racism has gotten out of control and this...

2/10: Poorly planned political commentary
Tuesday, July 6, 2021

To start off, I'm in no way a Trump supporter. I try to be as politically unbiased as I possibly can be and don't like to affiliate myself with either political party. That being said, this was the most pathetic attempt at political commentary I've ever seen. There wasn't a single antagonist (and there were plenty antagonists) that wasn't a minority. They we're ALL white. The antagonists that did get screen time featured a Redneck that called his wife "Mother" (which may or may not be a jab at former vice president Mike Pence), A Nazi who has a Swastica on his forehead and has the supernatural ability to tell both caliber of a bullet and specific model of gun its being shot out of based only by hearing the sound.....which is impossible, a pair of white guys in bunny costumes and a a former white employee that decides to go rogue. The...

7/10: Entertaining Entry
Friday, July 2, 2021

I saw "The Forever Purge", starring Ana de la Reguera-Army of the Dead, Cowboys & Aliens; Tenoch Huerta-Spectre, The 33; Cassidy Freeman-Longmire_tv, Smallville_tv; Josh Lucas-Ford v Ferrari, Hulk and Will Patton-Swamp Thing_tv, The Punisher_2004.This is the 5th in the Purge series, which started in 2013-followed by Anarchy in 2014, Election Year in 2016 and The First Purge in 2018-and the premise is that for one day a year, any crime, including murder, is legal for 12 hours. Ana & Tenoch are Mexican illegals that sneak across the border into the US and get jobs-Ana in a meat packing company and Tenoch at a ranch, taming horses-about 10 months before the next purge. Will owns the ranch and Josh is his son and Cassidy is Josh's wife. They have the usual security needed to survive a purge night but the morning after the purge they discover a group...

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