Mission: Impossible - Fallout (2018)


8/10: Cruise and McQuarrie return with fresh grit and excellence that leaves me wanting more from the duo
Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Fallout feels like a direct sequel to Rogue Nation, even though it doesn't take place immediately after in the timeline (based on some dialogue I believe it to be two years later). But a lot of things remained consistent: we finally kept a director around (I'll get to that later) and many of the characters have returned, including one Solomon Lane (played by Sean Harris) with more villainy than ever before. In the past, we would cruise through team members such as Maggie Q, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Paula Patton, and heck even Jeremy Renner who was not in this flick... but we have grown into others like Ving Rhames (whose character wasn't just there to look cool and throw in some one-liners, but rather to shed some actual emotional weight), Simon Pegg (who has finally earned my respect "in the field" where I feel he now officially belongs), flashes of Michelle Monaghan (the Jules factor!) and...

9/10: Your Mission... Should You Choose to Accept It... is to Read this Review and See Mission Impossible 6: Fallout in Theaters Now Now Now
Thursday, July 26, 2018

As we all know, this is the sixth instalment of the franchise. Supposedly by this time, the series already started long to drag their wear and tear tires here and about, so within so without, sucking every preposterous and ridiculous ideas they can think of. However, Mission Impossible franchise has been one of the few to deny that statement, as the impossible becomes possible, as it suggests that statement is merely a myth, as the ideas never entirely run out, as the stunts are afresh and eye-catching but can this new instalment keep up with the others (putting aside the second one as if it never happens because the majority of us can agree it's the worst) or will it have a serious fallout?One thing to talk about is the plot. It is superficially heavy this time, in fact the heaviest out of all the series. Plus, it is intertwined and ultra-complicated for a summer Hollywood...

9/10: Best Action Movie of the Year
Monday, July 30, 2018

Mission: Impossible - Fallout' burst onto the scene this weekend, rejuvenating what had been a mostly baron summer of action-blockbusters. Sure, we had 'Equalizer 2' and 'Skyscraper,' but those were both meh. Thankfully, this film is far better than meh. Actually, it's excellent. Its excellence comes from a commitment to the craft. Normally, three months of intensive training are required for someone to qualify for a helicopter pilot's license. Tom Cruise, in preparation for this film, did it in half that time. How? By training 16 hours a day, seven days a week. He did all this for one action sequence. That's the level of commitment to the craft that went into this movie. Each grand set piece (all of which are glorious) fills the frame just right. Very little CGI is used, which makes everything look real because it is real. We aren't watching a contrived creation of what is supposed to look like Tom...

4/10: A self parody with fake ratings
Monday, July 30, 2018

The set pieces are gorgeous as you'd expect from a huge budget. The actors are A list. The special effects are very good. That's where it ends. The script was an egofest for Cruise and unintentionally a laugh out loud comedy that has all the laughs from unrealistic early movies. Plot. Tom Cruise is just too damn nice. He's the super agent with a huge heart, willing to risk the fate of the world for his friends or even for an innocent police officer he doesn't know. He's just that kind of awesome sweetheart. But it can cause problems. And now the US government doesn't know whether Tom is just another ticked off agent who is double crossing his own people! Oh no, not that All American boy we love!!!! Can he and a team of geriatric looking jokesters top the world's most evil man, save the world and save everyone they love...

2/10: Mission Implausible - Cashout
Monday, July 30, 2018

Don't watch it in 3D. In fact, don't watch it at all. I couldn't believe the low quality grainy 3D cinematography. Did Tom Cruise get a deal on some Chinese 3D cameras. I saw it in a VIP theatre and it looked like this thing was shot on a consumer 3D handycam. The storyline was predictable and overly simplistic. I don't demand a lot from an action movie, but Michelle Monaghan's reintroduction was confusing, unnecessary and appeared to be written in as an afterthought. And all this talk about them doing their own stunts for added authenticity. Well, I for one would like them to go back to using professional stunt persons. This whole do your own stunts thing came off an an ego driven attempt to impress other cast members, that fell flat. Very flat. Finally, the writing was absolutely terrible. I couldn't help but wonder through the entire predictable movie if Tom...

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