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What If...?
One issue adjustments everything.
Aug 11, 2021
8.6 / 10 - User reviews
Jeffrey Wright

Acquiring motivation through the comedian guides of the exact same title, each event explores the crucial minute through...

Rick and Morty
Science helps make feeling, family members will not.
Dec 02, 2013
8.8 / 10 - User reviews
Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, Spencer Grammer

Rick is a new mentally-unbalanced but scientifically gifted aged guy who all offers recently reconnected with his...

Tokyo Revengers
Apr 11, 2021
8.8 / 10 - User reviews
Azumi Waki, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Takuma Terashima

Takemichi Hanagaki is a freelancer that’s reached the absolute pits of despair in his living. He discovers...

The Simpsons
On your marks, get set, d'oh!
Dec 17, 1989
7.9 / 10 - User reviews
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright

Place inside Springfield, the average American town, the present concentrates in the antics and everyday adventures of the...

Dug Days
His biggest series of adventures all in his own backyard.
Sep 01, 2021
7.7 / 10 - User reviews
Bob Peterson, Ed Asner

the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar’s “Up.” Each short features everyday events that occur in Dug...

Jujutsu Kaisen
A new youngster battles... for "the best passing away."
Oct 03, 2020
8.5 / 10 - User reviews
Junya Enoki, Asami Seto, Yuichi Nakamura

Yuji Itadori is a child with tremendous physical power, though he or she life a completely regular higher...

Oct 03, 2002
8.4 / 10 - User reviews
Junko Takeuchi, Noriaki Sugiyama, Chie Nakamura

In another global world, ninja are the ultimate power, and in the Village Hidden in the Results in...

Monsters at Work
It's laughter we're after.
Jul 07, 2021
7.2 / 10 - User reviews
Ben Feldman, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff

Actually since he has been a child, Tylor Tuskmon has dreamed of becoming a new Scarer like his...

Record of Ragnarok
Jun 17, 2021
8.7 / 10 - User reviews
Rina Kawaguchi, Miyuki Sawashiro, Tomoyo Kurosawa

Before eradicating humankind from the global world, the gods give them one very last chance to prove themselves...

Mar 25, 2021
8.8 / 10 - User reviews
Steven Yeun, J.K. Simmons, Sandra Oh

Tag Grayson is a new regular teen except for the truth that his dad is the most powerful...

Hey Duggee
Jan 12, 2015
7.0 / 10 - User reviews
Alexander Armstrong

Animated kindergarten series about the clubhouse that will be operate simply by the huge pup known as Duggee...

Naruto Shippuden
Feb 15, 2007
8.6 / 10 - User reviews
Kazuhiko Inoue, Akira Ishida, Hideo Ishikawa

Naruto Shippuuden is the extension of the first animated Television collection Naruto.The story revolves around an older...

Family Guy
Parental Discretion Advised, that's how you know it's good
Jan 31, 1999
7.1 / 10 - User reviews
Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein, Mila Kunis

Ill, twisted, politically Freakin' and incorrect Special animated series featuring the adventures of the dysfunctional Griffin family. Bumbling...

Dragon Ball Z
Apr 26, 1989
8.2 / 10 - User reviews
Masako Nozawa, Ryou Horikawa, Toshio Furukawa

After studying that he is from another planet, a warrior named Goku and his friends are prompted to...

Fena: Pirate Princess
Aug 15, 2021
8.8 / 10 - User reviews
Asami Seto, Ryōta Suzuki, Takahiro Sakurai

Fena Houtman remembers little about her child years. Orphaned and elevated as a servant in a brothel, her...

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