Choose your movie & send it to your TV

On you can enjoy your favorite movies & TV shows by "sending" them to your big screen TV.

No extra apps needed, no need to install anything, no need to have special hardware.

It is a seamless experience that just works: all you have to do is open on your TV, and you will instantly be connected and ready to cast your movies & TV shows, together with subtitles.

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  • Go to on your TV

    Using your TV web browser, navigate to - the place to watch all your movies & TV shows on the big screen

  • Everything is automatic

    Your mobile will automatically detect and connect to your TV, so be prepared for a seamless experience!

  • Your mobile is the remote control

    Use your mobile to find movies, play, pause or select subtitles on your TV. Everything you need is in your hand.

  • Watch anywhere, on any device

    You can remote control and watch on any device by opening XBox, PlayStation, Roku, another PC, etc.

1. Go to on your TV

Navigate to on your TV by using the TV's web browser, such as: Puffin, LG Internet, Samsung TV Web Browser, etc. - Watch On TV Web Browser:
2. Everything is automatic

Once your TV is on web page, your mobile will automatically detect it. However, just in case, you might want to check that the sync code displayed on your TV is the same as the sync code displayed on your mobile. - Watch On TV - Sync Code
3. Your mobile is the remote control

You can now control the movie you want to watch directly from your mobile: play it on TV, rewind, fast-forward, mute or add subtitles. Going to your next episode is also easy: just navigate to it on mobile and send it to TV by clicking the same Watch On TV button. - Watch On TV - Remote Control
4. Watch anywhere, on any device

You can do the same by using any other device that can open the web page: your Playstation, your XBox, a Fire Stick, any Android TV dongle, or even streaming to another PC if you like. - Watch on Any Device